Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Sometimes it is easy to get demoralised about little things that are not working in your garden. But when you look closely there is a lot to be joyful about. Here are some of the uplifting things in my garden today.

Some of Kath's broccoli seeds have found their way into my pot of spring onions and are growing at an alarming rate. This tells us that we should be sowing broccoli now ourselves.

The romanesco broccoli is finally starting to form a head! Hang in there, Deb.

This tray of Pai Tsai has all germinated and is now ready for some sunshine. Asian vegetables have wonderful viability and usually push up through the soil in 4 days or so.Also lots of other seeds are germinating happily in my seed frame with its new, white shade-cloth lid.

This Australian native - Warrigal Spinach - is a mighty robust plant. I think I should cook it more often.

Tony's pimento capsicums are a gorgeous shape and there must be dozens on each plant.

Of course the beans around the terracotta pot are going well and have outgrown whatever was eating the leaves at first .

This funny little succulent has the most vibrant red flowers.

The sedum 'Autumn Joy' flowers are easily burnt brown by hot weather but the recent cool autumn-like days have really made them a masterpiece in the garden this year. And they hardly need any water to grow. As autumn progresses the flowers begin to turn various shades of russet.

Then of course there is my dainty little scaevola that flowers for months.

I may not have any tomatoes and I may wish for a lot of other things but when it comes down to it things aren't too bad.

I have put these photos and more, including close-ups of the sedums, on the photos link.


gardengal said...

You're right!

My tomatoes have been a disaster too! I think I imported russet mite with the seedlings I bought because mine died when we went away for month. :)

But I do have things to be happy about. Passionfruit which I made into some revolting custard. Note to me ... passionfruit curdles milk! Lots and lots of lemon apple cucumbers. And zucchinis!
And planted lots of things in newpaper pots which are all coming up and showing lots of promise.

Pattie said...

That warrigal spinach looks a bit like the lamb's quarters that I rave so much about!

Kate said...

I am so glad your paper pots were worth the trouble!I will bring the soil blocker on March 16th in case anyone wants it.

Warrigal spinach tastes a bit like sorrel, only juicier. It has a lot of oxalic acid in it though.