Friday, 15 February 2008


Many years ago we had a new wire door made for our laundry, complete with dog-resistant wire. But we then got a neurotic dog and found our new wire door soon had a hole in it! This hole became very useful when I decided, last year, that I wanted to poke a pipe in to join onto the washing machine so I could use the grey water on the lawn.

Now the dog has gone and we could fix the door but we would need another way to get the grey water outside. So Roger collected all the bits and pieces together to put in a valve and redirect the pipes under the sink into a wacko beaut $9 food-grade container from Paramount Brown's and spent hours crouched down like a tiger from a Chinese movie (?) inside the very rusty laundry-sink cupboard. We almost got a new sink first but it would have meant breaking tiles and undoing things that clearly were not meant to be undone.

It wasn't until the next weekend that the outside part of the job could be completed, after a little diversion through the wall in the laundry, to inside the cupboard in Alex's room before emerging a good height so it would flow out using gravity.

Now we are all very skippity-doo and I can sit out on the verandah, having a coffee and listen to the water from the washing machine rushing into the drum and see it running slowly out onto the lawn or the hydrangeas, whichever I choose. Soon I will have a nice length of grey hose with slots cut in it to allow the water to trickle out along its length instead of just at the end.
For the total cost of this, ignoring the fact that we had most of the stuff in "The Collage" , I could have bought about 30,000 litres of water. But worse is all the plastic manufacture, shipping half way (or probably all the way) round the world, distribution by truck from the other side of Australia probably and then all the various trips we had, over the years, to collect it all, adding up to more green-house gasses than it could ever save in a million years. The governments need to look seriously at the way they are encouraging people to make the problems worse; this is not the solution I would want to admit to being in charge of (oh no, not that"of" again!). Shall I go on? Not now, I have to cook the feral deer chops and garden vegies for dinner. But I am working up to another post on this water topic soon. (Block your ears if you don't want to hear me shout it out across the ether...)

See the complete story, in pictures, of "Roger and the Grey Water Thingo" .

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Teresa said...

It's great what you're doing to save grey water. And yup, the movie is called Hidden Dragon & Crotching Tiger. Looking forward to your next water topic post.