Tuesday, 5 February 2008


David King sounds like he understands the gardener's soul and he puts it all so well. Go on the virtual tour of this educational garden he is involved in and read and see what the people, and especially David, have to say. For example:
"A garden is a repository of knowledge. It is a place of respite, an oasis. It is a catalyst for a different sense of time, a different intelligence, a different social order.” (David King)

He also is a member of the new KGI community and has a blog called Earth and Life that is in transition from educational to anecdotal. It is one to follow for future musings, I think.

If you can't be bothered with all this click, click stuff then just settle for this one called Green Prints. This is one for ourselves - it is special. I read some of the sample articles. Please read 'Planting Angelo' and 'My Orange Tree' and I dare you to not be moved to just a tiny tear. Some are funny though - it is beautifully done.
Oh no, it's after 6pm ! How did this happen ? Anyway I have done lots of lovely stuff in the vegie patch today...

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