Saturday, 16 February 2008


You know how the song goes - Food, glorious food, what more could you ask for....well I have more potential food than anyone in their right mind. OK I know, maybe I am not in my right mind and that's why I have too much. But, the gist of this post is that I cannot bring all my seeds to Fern Ave on Wednesday and I definitely have a holy-valotta more than I have put on the seeds to share list. And that is because hardly anyone uses it and I am fed-up. Since most of the people who will read this are not even in Australia (even though there are 32 seedsavers who have access to all this but most never even look at the blog!) it is a bit pointless me saying it but please don't buy any seeds without ringing me or emailing me because I will kill you if I find out you are wasting the earth's energy resources on buying seeds that I have in my drawer. In other words... (another song altogether) click on these photos of my sow-from-now-on-seeds, to enlarge them, and tell me if you can see any that you would like. I realise this is not possible with all the packets, but it is better than nothing. All those on the left, in containers, are from various Adelaide gardens and those with the red marks are ones from my own garden. Those on the right,in packets, are mostly bought, some from the seedsavers network, others commercial. Of course I will bring the packets that Andrew bought for us and belong to the group but there's not much left now.
If this isn't enough for you then go to Kings Seeds and drool over all the stuff there.
ps now you can see where our visitors are coming from with the red dots on the map at right. Hold the cursor carefully over the red dots and see exactly where they are. More cool free stuff!


Patrick said...

I don't know how it is you've been around so long and I've never noticed your blog, but I'm really happy to have found you.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment!

Kate said...

I have seen Bifurcated Carrots mentioned on so many other blogs but didn't get around to looking at it until today! I will put a link to it too. Nice of you to drop by, hope you will come again.

Pattie said...

Kate: Is there any way I can get some of your seeds? We can see how they grow here in Atlanta! We can do a little experiment--you know how we both love that!

Kate said...

I don't know about the rules of sending my seeds into the USA but I have finally got the ground wattle seeds and a few other bush food spices for you. I will post them this week.

Maggie said...

We have heaps of seeds , well you do if you save seeds!
I think I shall package some up when I have time and give them to friends.
This month at the Herb Society they gave away all their seeds which were bordering on viable.
Nature is so amazing some plants seem to produce hundreds of seeds.

Pattie said...

I don't think the USA cares what comes across our borders. At least, this is what I gather from the daily news. :)

Deb said...

I seem to have paper bags full of seeds in all corners of the house, lucky Kate now has a whole room to dedicate to seeds. If its hot tomorrow I may get some sorted for Wednesday.I have regularly collected all the basic seeds I use but find it exciting to grow something different & from another region.
I'm amazed after visiting Kate's garden yesterday the difference in seasonal growth only a few km makes.My garden excells in a different range of plants & is months behind with others. Another reason to save your own seeds.