Sunday, 30 March 2008

April Events At Nirvana Organic Farm

GUIDED FARM TOUR of NIRVANA ORGANIC FARM for those who missed out the other weekend & others as part of Stirling Autumn Garden Festival
13th April 2-4 pm Adults $8. Children $4.
An ideal opportunity to gain an insight into a successfully run biodynamic farm .This Garden Quality Farm demonstrates an integrated system incorporating orchards, poultry, native habitat & wetlands, home food production & hardy cottage gardens all rolled into a unique lifestyle.
Life in the slow lane. Advanced bookings only. Or Book your own tour anytime.*

Sunday, April 20th 9.00 -12 .30 $35
Autumn is an ideal time to build or renovate a vegetable garden. This morning will be a practical guide to establishing & maintaining productive & healthy vegetables.

Sunday April 20th 1.30 4pm $35
Our climate offers many opportunities of growing food for your table all year round. Discover what plants to grow, and when. Practical tips & ideas to provide food year round.

For Bookings Contact
Deb Cantrill or Quentin Jones
PHONE 8339 2519

For those who missed out on the latest Biodynamic workshop. It was a STIRRING experience.Got the grey matter working and discovered amazing facts about mycorrhizal fungi & how Rudolf Steiner spoke about this in 1924 & how science today has 'dicovered' such facts.


Maggie said...

Make sure you take some friends who may be interested in growing things, you will enjoy Nirvana and all Deb's knowledge.PS for all us Plains folks, wear walking shoes, this is a real farm.

han_ysic said...

Hello, I just went to the annual seedsavers conference at Gulgong in Nsw, and saw your blog and thought I should share with you guys, It was great. Not many from out of state which was a shame. Also they are saying they want to hold it in a different state next year and then my group may be hosting it, your group seems to be large, would you be interested? I am constantly reading about all the interesting things you are doing and wishing I could come along, this might be the perfect way!

Kate said...

That could be a possibility Hannah. I am not sure what is involved in the hosting but we would like to have some more info on it. Thanks for your kind comments on the blog.