Saturday, 15 March 2008

Brett's Hydroponic's Update

Howdy All,
As promised ages ago here is a little pictorial update on my hydroponic venture. I'm still to automate the systems in regards to self watering, however considering the heat we have been having in the last few weeks I have hardly had to add and water to the containers apart from the occasional top up of only a litre here and there. Also the plants are surviving extremely well without any sheltering in full sun. The only obvious side effects being some burnt leaves especially on the celery and greening of the perlite from too much sunlight exposure to the nutrient rich water - this is more aesthetic than a worry and can easily be resolved with a rinse - similar to grey hair so I've been advised.

I'll add more photos in the coming weeks especially of how I've put things together. See you at Deb's on Sunday

Carrot seedlings about 3 weeks old in a 5 to 1 mixture of perlite and vermiculite. About 90% germination and no dead un's since the heat wave.

I have 2 raft projects happening. This is where no medium is used and the plants sit in containers where their roots dangle in nutrient rich water and are also exposed to air. This one made from an old styrofoam box has tomatoes, celery and Asian veges

My other raft in an old esky with Asian veges in rockwool transplanted last Sunday 9/3 - only one has failed from 18. You can see how much water has been used - about 3 cm, not bad considering the heat and wind.

Basil is going great guns in this perlite mix. The lovely purple and pink crates were rescued in the last hard rubbish collection. The chillies, capsicum and continental parsley are suffering more so from the wind than the heat but are still hanging in there.

In the front crate is sheep sorrel seedlings and the back one contains Persicaria odorata aka Laksa Leaf, Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese coriander, Laska plant, Knotweed, Rau ram, etc, etc

Chard seedlings in rockwool that will be transplanted without any root shock straight into the rafts or purple crates or into a pipe system I'm finishing when the temperature is a little bit kinder.


Kate said...

Looks like its all happeneing at your place, Brett. It is very satisfying to get good results isn't it. And so low-maintenece in the heat.What is happeneing under the surface? How are you supplying nutrients etc? said...

Fantastic! I'm interested in doing hydroponics next year. This is very interesting and encouraging.
They all look great.

Anonymous said...

Where are you located? I'm very interested in hydroponics and trying to learn as much as I can. How much does all this cost? Can it be done on a small scale inexpensively?