Thursday, 13 March 2008


" The big words on many people's minds today are Climate Change and Peak Oil. The big question is how do we make the transition to a low energy society, and what would such a society be like? Where are there models we can learn and take inspiration from? If you have seen the award-winning documentary film, The Power of Community, you would promptly reply "Cuba".

When Cuba lost access to Soviet oil, fertilizers and export trade market in the early 1990s, the country faced virtual overnight economic collapse and an immediate crisis - feeding the population. The story of the Cuban people's hardship, ingenuity, and triumph over sudden adversity --through cooperation, conservation, and community--to create a low energy society is inspirational. Cuba's transition to organic agriculture, and rapid relocalisation based on decentralized health care and higher education, bicycles and public transport, and community response to radical change is both thought provoking and empowering.
Roberto Perez, Cuban permaculturist, featured in The Power of Community film, will spend 2 month touring Australia sharing the Cuban experience through public presentations, national and regional conferences. Roberto attributes much of the success of Cuba's urban agriculture and food security to the introduction of permaculture by a group of Australian permaculture trainers during the early years of the Cuban crisis, or ‘Special Period'. The city of Havana now produces over 60% of its fruit and vegetables within the city and peri-urban areas. "

April 9-10th Adelaide - Public presentation and visit permaculture projects - Permaculture Association of SA and SA TAFE
For all the details of where Roberto Perez is speaking in Australia click here and follow the links.

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