Thursday, 20 March 2008

Harvest Moons

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon (Saturday 22nd) that is nearest to the Autumnal equinox (Today March 20th). The Harvest Moons include 2 other moon rises that follow the full moon. On three consecutive days there is a very big and full moon just as the sun sets. If the weather is clear there is an abundance of moonshine. This is a time when you will notice more wildlife activity; you may feel restless and have trouble sleeping. After sunset there is still plenty of light for the farmers to continue harvesting. If the harvest was completed then time to celebrate the harvest.
One month after the harvest moon comes the Hunters Moon. The paddocks are bare after the harvest, the wildlife are about.
These are things gardeners can observe and celebrate the summer bounty we enjoyed and the harvest now filling the pantry & any other spare cupboard.
This will be a much better use of the coming public holidays than the tons of cheap chocolate and soft drinks I saw being loaded into trolleys (some people had 2 trolleys full) at the supermarket yesterday. Fortunately for me my weekly shopping gets me through the 12 items or less isle. But I still had to endure the sill bunny ears worn by the checkout person.

Today (2 days before the full moon) I planted my garlic as well as lettuce, carrots, parsnips, swedes, kohi rabi, escarole, Kate's pale spinach, Mache, miners lettuce, spring onions, cress and a few peas both sugar snap and snow . I also interplanted a few broad beans where I could fit them, now have to wait until the summer crops finish to plant more and transplant some of last months plantings into their new homes. The moment I finished planting there was a shower of rain- a good sign for the next growing season.
Garlic all placed out ready to plant.
Planted garlic mulched with willow leaves than fell like rain over the hot weather. Simple to rake up, make good mulch to keep the heat in the beds & supress weeds while the garlic grows. It will be ready to harvest at Christmas time.

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Kate said...

Great minds think alike Deb and I will be out there tomorrow and no-one will stop me 'til I'm done. I won't plant my garlic yet though. Haighs dark chocolate in any shape is OK by me so long as it is not filled with goo - just thick, dark and strong, with a cup of espresso coffee = tomorrow's breakfast!I may feel too sick to garden after that....