Sunday, 2 March 2008


Did you see the turning on of the light show on North Terrace on Friday night? Wow, spectacular doesn't come anywhere near describing it... Along this main street in our city are some beautiful old (that is relative thing) buildings that house the main library, the museum, the art gallery and some university buildings all separated by new, water-wise gardens and trees. They are along one side of what you would call a boulevard. Friday night was the openning of the Festival of Arts and this year they had the idea of doing this amazing show ...see more in the photos link. Bear in mind these are all fawn coloured, stone buildings to begin with.
The photos on the right are all of the same building with the lights changing every couple of minutes. Same with the photos on the left.
Adelaide is good at doing things quietly, tastefully and well. A bit like me, really! No bands played, no announcements were made, the lights just came on and thousands of people were happy.

It is hard to believe they are not the real colours, they were done so well.

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