Saturday, 22 March 2008


Most of Thursday was very pleasant. I even remembered to take the camera to the market but after I had taken 2 photos the battery went flat. Anyway I got 2 photos of Wilson's Organics where I buy nearly everything that I don't grow - onions, potatoes, bananas, bread, pasta, rice, shampoo etc, dairy, meat, etc etc. It is a treasure trove of real food and real things and the people serving are just so gorgeous and friendly.

Then it was on to my mother's and here are some more photos of the next fruit to ripen now the mangoes are almost all finished. The mango is getting its new leaves already and they are a beautiful, soft bronze colour.

The lemonade lemon tree is laden down almost to the ground. These lemons can be eaten or made into juice without sweetening.

The persimmons are beginning to colour.

Some of the branches of the various apples trees have snapped in the heat and some of the apples are badly burnt but those under the canopy are beautiful.

ps How do you like the new world time-zone clock in the side bar? Move your mouse over it. Pretty cool hey!

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Deborah Cantrill said...

Nice chook pic Kate