Monday, 21 April 2008




I never cease to be amazed at Barb. There she is, having just completed one full year of gardening, after more years of no t gardening than she would care me to mention here, and there is so much happening in every nook and cranny of her interesting edible garden area. First thing I noticed was this climbing Malabar Spinach, which is just coming into flower.



Next was this thick patch of parsnips. if there is one thing I always have trouble with its getting parsnips to germinate but Barb's seedlings are already well advanced and, by the density of growth, it looks like every seed must have germinated.





When her phone rang I was wandering around alone and came across this eggplant with these deep purple leaves - some were almost black. I forgot to ask her what it is called.







Apart from ordinary things like lettuce, capsicums, chilis etc she has things like yacon, hicoma(?) and snake beans.


The next season's seeds and seedlings are coming up and growing well - various kale, garlic, leeks and some beautiful red beet. 






Leaving gardening aside for a moment, I have to declare here and now that I think Barb is a great person and can put up with me for infrequent but seriously long visits and has a wonderful ear and a kind heart! 




This little New Holland Honey-eater is a friend of Barb's who loves to dive into the compost bin when Barb leaves the lid off - which she often does especially for him.

Recently Barb has learnt how to make this beautiful olive oil soap, which just happens, as luck would have it, to be my favourite. So Barb insisted I take these home. I never go home empty-handed from these visits.






I stopped 3  times on the way home to watch the sunset - somehow it says a lot about how I felt just then too. I have done nothing more than crop these photos a bit (and badly) - it was a pretty glorious event. Funny how things turn out, isn't it. Take care Barb.


Jumbleberry Jam said...

Beautiful sunset!

It's a glorious spring morning here. 17 month old son and I were out in the garden - weeding, drinking in the cool morning air and warm sunshine, and learning how to "sniff or water, but not pull" flowers. :-)

gardengal said...

So is Barb gonna teach us to make soap??