Monday, 21 April 2008


Date: Around Sunday August 24th

This is International Kitchen Gardeners day and our seedsavers group celebrates it with a lunch provided by everyone, made with anything from our gardens. That time of the year there is a lot of beautiful stuff in the vegie patch and preserves in the cupboards. All (and only) veg-garden-bloggers and their families would be welcome to join us, but only via personal contact with me. I hope it will be at Deb's again (see photos for last year's perfect setting).

Depending on cars available, other activities on other days would revolve around some visits to farmers' markets, our Adelaide central market (Friday), friends' gardens, my garden, a trip south to McLaren Vale and Fleurieu peninsula for cheesewrights, wineries, artisan stuff and maybe (if you're up for it) stay overnight in Willunga Friday night (or maybe camp on a nearby dairy I know, depending on the weather) and have dinner at a beaut place called Russells Pizzas (made from local ingredients and cooked in an outdoor pizza oven by Russell a nice, earthy, pretty lovely sort of bloke!) Then there is the hills to explore and the Barossa Valley (for those who like more wine than me). Depending on who comes I can do ...well...almost anything to make it a great inaugural experience. Of course the focus would be primarily on growing food, cooking it, talking to each other and seeing what we have around Adelaide that keeps me here when I'd much rather be somewhere cool and wet, in the mountains and surrounded by thunderous rivers and green summer grasses! One day soon...

Tricky to promise anything yet since I haven't discussed the details with anyone, but I know they are with me in principal, so far.

I have put a link to a document called Blog-over for Kitchen Gardeners (you know, like sleep-over... OK maybe I will change the name eventually!).So check it for info and send me comments or emails to tell me what you are thinking. Thanks to the person who voted 'No, you are a nutcase' - I guess I asked for it!


Veggie Gnome said...

I was tempted to vote 'No, you are a nutcase', just because I liked it. But my better self won. :)

Let me know what I can do to help with the veg-blog get-together.

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Hope it's a raging success and that by next year I'll have both a blog and plans to be in Adelaide when you meet again :-)