Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Those of you who know me or read this blog regularly will know what I think of fast food. Well, as usual this morning, I spent far too much time reading about wonderfully diverse topics on the web and indulging in writing a bit of my own, here and there. Suddenly I was so hungry I rushed to the fridge to find some left-overs. None to speak of.No time to cook an egg or even a piece of toast before I collapsed in a molten mass on the floor of life. I would have to resort to fast food....

Less than 5 minutes later I now feel really good and energised after stuffing myself, hand over fist with fast food. Where did I get it from, living as I do on top of Mt Osmond? The garden -

Breakfast for one, to be picked and eaten on the go:

1 long snake bean, leaves of water spinach, lettuce, various baby chicories, baby mustard greens of several sorts, pea sprouts, a tiny, perfectly red capsicum, some basil and spring onion tops....wow, what a perfect power punch! Someone ought to sell this and make the whole world dance with life.
All that stuff was so juicy - I can't understand why people carry around bottles of water - I want vitality with my liquid. That reminds me that my Limoncello is ready - I guess 11am is too early for it? Just a sip...??


Veggie Gnome said...

How was your sip of limoncello?

Did you post the recipe for it somewhere on this blog and I missed it?

Keen to learn! *smile*

Kate said...

I have now put Deb's recipe for limoncello on the recipes page. This is the recipe I used and I think it is great.Good luck. I will help you test it, if you need my professional opinion!