Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Hills Vegetables Direct from Farm

As I generally don’t grow many potatoes or storing type onions, so its always good to find a local farm that sells their own. On my way to the Piccadilly nursery I noticed a sign for potatoes& onions so I dropped in & got a 20 kg bag of potatoes & 10 kg of brown onions. They also grow & sell leeks & pumpkins. A was served by a really nice woman who says her mother usually does it but they were having lunch of guess what? Chestnuts.
So if you want some fresh hills veggies check it out. If you go past the Piccadilly CFS towards Summertown you’ll come to a sweeping bend, on the left there are some big sheds this is the place, there are vines on the right. If you get to the turn off to Piccadilly Nursery you’ve gone too far.

To al those observant recyclers out there I'm on the lookout for peices of broken concrete to make a path with. If you know of or see some let me know.


Kate said...

Funny you should mention this, I once dropped in there myself and got some leeks, on my way home from Glenys' after gardening. Maybe not terribly organic though. I love the way all the produce grows in the Piccadilly valley, right up to the side of the road. Shame the vineyards are taking over but the recent glut of grapes may slow the change from food to wine growing.

Anonymous said...

Well the helpful women said they where grown organically but not certified? who knows but better than shop ones anyway

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks for that info. We are always happy to buy direct from the producers.

Support our local producers!