Thursday, 17 April 2008

Stirling Autumn Garden Festival

Stirling, the garden village hosted an autumn festival which is set to become an annual event. The theme was scarecrows with a wide variety competing for various prizes.
I was a guest speaker & asked if I could bring along some info about Nirvana Farm. So I got ‘Willow’ in from the paddock where she had been busy keeping the parrots off the walnuts, spruced her up a bit. She got a new hat, an apron that could hold flyers & a few buttons replaced before being ready for the event. Her job was to attract passer bys to the seedsavers & Nirvana displays.

Diana & Jen did very well selling their quality seedlings.There was also a great display by the fibre weavers & lots of info & a great atmosphere.

My role was to talk about Biodynamic gardening. At 10.30 most people where just arriving or distracted by what there was to buy. Talking about biodynamics is difficult at the best of times but at these events even harder. I think biodynamics is lost to most people as they can’t understand that you can garden successfully without bringing in tons of materials. They never consider how these products are produced, where they come from in kilometers, dollars or environmental impact & this INCLUDES ORGANIC imputes.

BUT we live in an instant world & people want gardens today & don’t take time to observe the processes of change in fact don’t sit & observe their gardens. I am constantly amazed that people bring in large amounts of ‘soil’ ‘to start a veggie garden ‘ What I have observed about this material usually called ‘loam’ is that t is dead not even a hint of life.
Being a gardener is working with life. Whenever I'm introduced to someone as a Biodynamic gardener I'm immediately asked “HOW DO YOU GET RID OF.......?” gardeners go out in the morning NOT with life on their minds but death they want to get rid of everything that is not their crop; you only have to listen the gardening shows to get my drift.
A balanced natural system. Takes time to develop... we need to be aware of all the elements of life & should take time to become closer by observing, keeping records & learning from nature. You can BRINGING YOUR GARDEN TO LIFE its fun, challenging and rewarding.

Another highlight of Stirling in Autumn is HOT ROASTED CHESTNUTS on weekends & public holidays starting on Anzac day.

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Kate said...

Sorry I missed you Deb. I arrived at about 12.15. Thanks for putting up the seedsavers board. Hope the farm tour went well.I loved those fibre weavers!