Friday, 2 May 2008



Any decent vegetable gardener or wise farmer could have told them this. When are 'they' going to stop spending money proving things we already know?? Like - 'it is better to eat a carrot than to take vitamin A supplements' or 'too much carbohydrate can make you fat' or 'drinking too much water is not good for you'!! Holy valotta! Why do they have to prove everything we already know but nothing changes for the better?

'Stuck in the middle with you' - you know that song - comes immediately to mind here - 'clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right; here I am, stuck in the middle with you'. (I don't feel very peaceful this morning, although I did, before I read something on someone's blog and then went to KGI for another tussle! I don't think I could actually...I think I had better stop right there. That's the good thing about blogs - you can write it then delete it and no-one will ever know what you really thought! Peace and passion in the vegie garden - a narrow row to hoe.

Read this and see what you think. I am a bit worried for these people in Kenya. Is it the start of something good or the first step on the slippery slide that I wrote about before?

Here is something else I wrote, called Gross National Happiness. Please read it to the end, it gets better...and even rather special, I think. It just got lost in the maze of life.

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Ian said...

I think your right to worry for the Kenyan farmers. The "corporation", will lend them the money, sell them the seedlings and buy back the trees.... If it's doing all that why does it need the farmers???? Or am I being too cynical?