Sunday, 18 May 2008



Ian from Kitchen Garden in France sent me an email which ended with

"Food is good. Grow it fast and then eat it slow!"  I love it!

Ian is on a roll now - here is his next creation, hot off the press:

"Food is good. Cook it fast and then eat it slow."




If you read this blog regularly you will probably have picked up that I love salads - not stodgy things like potato salads with mayonnaise or pasta salads either but assorted fresh, green, tasty leaves dressed only in dew or rainwater with crisp little bits like daikon seed pods at their green stage, slices of raw, crimson okra with those tiny, juicy pearl-like seeds, or yellow fennel flowers giving a hint of aniseed. Here is my list of things to grow to provide you with a continuous supply of salad ingredients through the seasons.

SALADS FOREVER - pick any time of the day or night

lettuces loose leaf sorts such as: cos, oakleaf, purple-coloured varieties too
mild Asian greens eat at the small leaf stage - bok choy, mild mustards, edible chrysanthemum leaves, mizuna, almost anything else
sweet potato leaves small to medium sized ones are best, growing tips are crimson.
broccoletti tiny sprouts - green and purple
broccoli smallest leaves
sorrel even though they taste sour alone, in a salad they are beautiful
water cress leaves
water spinach leaves
herbs mint, basil, fennel fronds, chives, garlic chives, chervil, dill etc
pea shoots when the peastraw sprouts or sow masses of seeds in beds especially to pick the shoots
broad bean shoots when the broad beans get to about 6" high, nip off the tops and eat or sow as green manure and keep eating the tips
broad beans tiny raw, or medium size thrown into boiling water for 30 seconds then chilled
beans sliced tender, raw beans
peas sugar snap, Chinese snow peas, any tender-podded peas
asparagus raw or thrown into boiling water for 30 seconds then chilled
celery slice thinly or eat chunks separately, smothered in peanut paste! Great snack
capsicums yellow cornos is best I have ever had - eat like an apple or in salads, red is also good, Mini Mama is an F1 which is cute and can be eaten whole
carrots thin carrots tossed on top are so sweet
chicory young leaves are bright and crisp and juicy and not too bitter
cucumbers yellow (most crisp and juicy one I have grown), Lebanese, any other
flowers fennel (yellow), nasturtium, calendula (orange/yellow), chives (mauve), chervil, dill, chicory (bright blue), chrysanthemum, day lilies, lemon verbena, pineapple sage (bright red), radish etc
okra raw pods sliced thinly, or just eat whole like an apple
pomegranate red seeds
daikon crisp green seed pods are not strong like the root
spinach baby leaves
beetroot baby leaves, especially 'bulls blood' which are dark red
rocket wild rocket self-seeds year round and adds a spicy hit. It is one of the only things I don't really like to add in large quantities.


P1010448 P1010478 P1020593
Young watercress Crunchy yellow capsicums Fennel flowers
P1020533 P1020569 P1010540
Sweet potato vine Beans Pimento capsicums
IMG_2358 P1010453 P1020377
Red Cornos capsicums water spinach Young cos lettuce
Seedsavers at Economic Garden 005 IMG_2412-1 P1020313 
okra flower crimson okra pomegranates

I wish I had thought more carefully about sorting the list of salad ingredients. Maybe one day I will arrange them into seasons. Compromises, compromises, where do they end? 


chaiselongue said...

Lovely salad ideas and photos, Kate. Do you grow rocket? It grows all the year round here and gives a nice bite to a salad, the wild variety or the cultivated. When it starts to bolt I cut it all, stalks too, and make soup with it.

Ian said...

Love all the salad information Kate. I shall file it away for a year when I can grow more than just a couple of lettuce.
Remember, food is good, grow it first then eat it slow

Kate said...

Thanks chaiselongue - I had forgotten that one. Sitting here inside writing this and not out actually looking at the garden, I have probably forgotten other things too. Hopefully others will have some more ideas to add to the list too.I am always keen to try new things.