Monday, 19 May 2008

Rare Fruit Society Update

I (Kate) am hijacking Maggie's post because I too went to the Rare Fruit meeting last night and I ate some of the fruit they put out on the tables after the talk, as usual. There are usually a few things I have never had before - they are incredible at producing all this fruit - and last night I had prickly pear, jack-fruit, different varieties of guavas,etc and....durian.

If you have never eaten durian my advice is DON'T. It smells like rotting flesh - worse even - and is banned on public transport and in public places, in the countries it is usually grown and so it should be here! I have eaten so many weird things when traveling in Asia and I will literally try anything and I have never ever eaten anything so foul as durian. It made me feel sick for hours. I couldn't get rid of that smell and disgusting tatse and thought it would haunt me all night but luckily it didn't. Some people at the meeting liked it - they must have different senses to me!

Check Rare Fruit Society web site for more details.


Kate said...

Thanks Maggie. You are wonderful at reminding me about things. I love writing stuff but I am hopeless at remembering dates! See you tonight, I hope (I could still forget....)

Maggie said...

I learnt so much last night, 2 great speakers.
Whatever tree or plant you grow, there is so much exciting stuff to learn about the different varieties, planting positions, care and pruning.
I think Harry's suggestion to journal weather, dates pruned or planted etc is a great idea.
Now that's a large group of passionate growers!
Best go and eat some of those great persimmons I bought, next time I shall buy some for you Kate!
I just realized why I get to the buying table quickly, I get Bob to put my chair away! Last time I bought sapote's.

Kate said...

I got to the buying table quickly too - now I know to sit right next to it! I wanted some of that fabulous rhubarb - one thing I always have trouble with - and I got 2 huge bundles for $2 each, enough for mother, mother-in-law and us.But I couldn't get to the persimmons fast enough! Oh well, I have had some from my mother recently anyway.

I hope Bob's white sapote grows well.Mine was a star performer this summer.

Veggie Gnome said...

Durian is GREAT! I love it!
The first time I tried one - I didn't like it - but then I was told it wasn't a good one.

The second time I tried it - it was absolutely delicious. It was of very high quality, a certain variety and was creamy and sweet.

Are you telling me that somewhere in an Adelaide backyard there is a durian tree growing?!

Sammakko said...

I also have a very bad memory of durian. I've eaten it maybe once long time ago when I was travelling in Asia, and I never forget that disgusting smell that I felt in my nose hours and hours after eating a small piece of durian. It really made me sick.

Can it really be so that it depends on the fruit? That some are actually sweet and don't smell?

Kate said...

ALL durian trees should be poisoned with some terrible herbicide and made extict! There must be at least one in Adelaide but I will find it and kill it!...No I couldn't even go into the street where one is without being sick! Maybe you should come to the raer Fruit-loops one night - visitors are allowed.