Saturday, 3 May 2008


P1020555 I don't often put failures on here - not because I don't have them (if only!) but this is the latest complete failure. These seedlings just didn't grow, unlike those in the two photos below that I transplanted the same day from the same seed lot. Why?.. Not sure. pH? idea. Pretty much exactly the same conditions as the others, I would have thought, and separated by about 3m distance.
P1020556 P1020557
P1020573 P1020558
Something funny has been going on with this self-sown butternut-type pumpkin. Since it first came up it has had dozens of female flowers and only about 2 male. The flowers are a bit weird and sometimes completely green. Some of them have set and grown well, but not many. Lots of oakleaf lettuce have self sown among the fennel that I planted. Just as well because it is one lettuce that I can never get to germinate myself and it happens to be my favourite - from Joy originally, who also supplies me with cos seeds.
P1020565 P1020576
The young carob tree on my espalier wire flowers from the bottom of the trunk. Is this normal I wonder? The crimson okra seedpods are about to burst open. Funny how the seed pod turns from crimson to green, instead of the other way around.
P1020553 P1020564
This pretty little bulb pops up in early autumn without fail but doesn't flower for long. Dahlias are some of my favourite flowers. This one pokes up through the boysenberry vine and is over 2m tall.
P1020562 P1020563
We need smell-a-blog for you to appreciate this deliciously earthy wattle with the true scent of the Australian bush. Never needs water. Native to the Flinders Ranges, just north of Adelaide, it holds for me memories of uni days bushwalking.


Maggie said...

Good photos Kate.
What are the white markings on the chinese greens?, we also have some white markings on some of our pale greens, not on the dark green veggies.
Is it just all the rain and lack of sunlight we have had?,it does not look like a soil deficiency.

Kate said...

Probably just from the white fly, I'd say - lots about. I hadn't even noticed! It shows up more in the photos.