Friday, 6 June 2008


I think this regular "what happened at the market today" thing is taking a hold and should be a weekly column or something....anyway, as usual I went to the Central Market where the whole world gathers to tempt you with ingredients for everything from Asia to Morocco to France and to ...everywhere. The fresh stuff is all various stages of local from all Australian to all South Australian to little baskets of mandarins and this and that at Wilsons from local Adelaide suburban backyards, sometimes including my own. Having been going to this market since I was born, I know every nook and cranny and almost everybody who has been serving there too, at the stalls I frequent. It is the friendliest place to shop especially when you feel like all the stall-holders are your friends and they are from as diverse backgrounds as the produce they sell.

I always look out for Tony and hope to get some Italian practice but he has been a bit elusive the last couple of weeks - he told me his organic certification is coming up and he is flat-out like a lizard drinking, trying to comply with all the stupidest of requirements. There is a lovely young bloke working at Wilson's now, since my wonderful Antony left (but has now been found by Maggie at Doofdoof - the people who know 'food' backwards!) and his name is James. James and I have a secret plan for my birthday party which I bet no-one could guess (except maybe Maggie - be quiet Maggie) . How could I have a 50th vegetable party without inviting the people at Wilson's??

In Angelakis, getting some Coorong mullet, I was served by the cute little Greek bloke who always gives me a good deal and I always hope he will serve me. I said I was surprised there were any Coorong mullet left, with the soaring salinity that is killing, literally, everything in that waterway. he said, with fire in his eyes, "Don't get me started on water..." and proceeded to get started himself on water! Why aren't we catching it before it gets to the sea? Why are we letting cotton farmers take all our water? Why doesn't the government help them change to a better crop for a desert and let the water run down the river? And so on and so on...and of course I agreed and agreed and we commiserated together that we will all leave if this continues; no joke.

So, dear reader, it is not just me going on like this day in day out; even the bloke serving at the market fish shop can see what's needed but, and this is enough to make me erupt or go up in smoke, "they" have just announced they are going to spend $100 million on a new soccer stadium but have decided, in the budget announced last night, to scrap most of plans they had for water infrastructure and have made no allowance in the budget at all for doing anything about water, ever!! Oh my goodness. Death would be less painful. NZ, here we come!

I did manage to move on from that and enjoy the rest of the time at the market, you will be pleased to know. Now I am off to see the Veggie Gnome's garden!


Maggie said...

Don't worry Kate I have no flipping idea what you have plans for except running away to NZ. Go somewhere challenging like a Cave in the Snow in the Himalayan Mountains like Vicki Mackenzie did. There is still some water and snow there but maybe not for long.
We could all go, I love Barley veggie soup.

Maggie said...

You are right, I do know everything, I think I have worked it out, when you are nearly 60 you will know everything!