Friday, 6 June 2008

James Lovelock and Climate Change

Last July we heard James Lovelock speak at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas (a Biennial Event).
He spoke of his Gaia Theory and his predictions for our planet.

James talks about some pretty scary stuff and that we better enjoy life while we can.

Please read this article by Decca Aitkenhead or go to James Lovelock's website or read his books.


Kate said...

Thanks, Maggie. Good to read he is a maverick, join the club. I think he is speaking very much with Britain, Europe and America in mind - big, dense (in more ways than one!!) populations where it is almost impossible to stop the tide. Some of the rest of the world can leapfrog to the good side of such an apocolyptic disaster, and Australia is one such place, with our small, sparse population and a passion for innovative thought.Just let the process begin by getting some leadership with an acceptance of 2 things - 1.the process is inevitable and 2. there are Australian people with ideas and solutions (such as David Holmgren) and we must let them show the way.

Maggie said...

No, read some more reviews or articles of Lovelock's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I read Revenge of Gaia a year ago..

James Locklock is a modern day prophet and like the prophets of ancient times, most people pay no attention... Thus making inevitable what is predicted...

The Gaurdian article is also very good reading.



see my blog about POLAR CITEiS, an idea i got from James Lovelock who has seen them and said YES IT MAY VERY WELL HAPPEN