Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Real People, Real Stories, Real Veggie Gardens by Maggie

We were up on the roof cleaning the Autumn leaves and moss out of the gutters, Bob says what's happening in your blog world?
Well where to start,with an invitation like that.

Kate had cake at The Mad Gnomes and Veggie Gnome is getting some polycarb to line the sides of their veranda "so the icy wind's can't damage their precious seedlings and potted shrubs".

Deb from Nirvana has a wonderful picture of their cosy kitchen with its wood stove. See all the wonderful produce that comes from their farm and that kitchen. Geese, berries, chestnuts , walnuts and citrus, read how to make sour dough bread or homemade wine. Visit Nirvana, you may want to stay there.

Matron from Down on the allotment (UK) is picking purple podded peas, artichokes and new potatoes and making Elderberry Cordial.

Ilex, from Homesteading in a Condo, is picking all sorts of greens and cooking yummy things .She lives in Detroit, has great photos of all the old derelict buildings in Detroit on her blog as well as photos of her garden and pet rabbits.

Theresa from Pondering the Myriad things has started a new garden which is growing well, she lives in Alberta, Canada and has to keep deer from eating her plants. She has a great post called Greed and Disconnection, please read it .

Gintano of jardim com gatos is picking summer veggies and mint. It looks really dry there in Portugal.

Costa de la Luz Gardening - Spain, is talking about water shortages in Spain and how they are shipping water from France.

Scarecrow (SA mid North) has had ice on their car already and has wonderful photos in different places on her blog as well as a new blog called Outback Edge Harvest. I was Googling for an image of calendulas and found a wonderful collage(shown above) by scarecrow, she put together of all the different types of calendulas in her garden.

Ian in France has started his own Kitchen Garden in France blog, now he has rabbits eating his plants.

Nami Nami in Estonia always delights one's senses with her wonderful recipes, good place for a coffee break.

Indian Garden- Pradesh India- is talking about world food shortages and how much grain is required to produce 1 ton of beef. She talks about the health benefits and antioxidants in the vegetarian diet.

La Gringa's Blogicito in Honduras thinks she may have Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome and warns bloggers, get that left elbow, your leaning on off the table while your right hand clicks and clacks with the mouse on your table. A good blog, as she chats to many whose lives are not always easy.

Heather from New Mexico has a great website called Albuquerque- local food. See Heather's husband standing in the middle of his food supply!

Pattie from Foodshed Planet is experiencing Atlanta's 3rd year of drought and as always is passionate about changes we humans should make to save our planet. And she makes great broccoli pizza and bread!

Chile Chews, from Desert SW USA, is running a Quit now challenge, its amusing to read everyones comments and what they are quitting.
Chile thinks the soil in her backyard is "darn near sterile".
Chile and others are keen to support Crunchy Chicken from Seattle, as her family is having a hard time at the moment.

Crunchy Chicken thought she may give up her blog but 147 comments later, she's back.
Crunchy Chicken has "Goods for Girls" which helps girls in Africa remain in schools.

Elements in time have moved back to Seattle, they are the couple whose cat nearly died after the grape vines, across the road from where they were living, were sprayed with chemicals. Scary stuff those sprays.

Calendula and concrete have black spot on their roses and are going to try spraying with 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 quart of water.

I was Googling to find a cartoon about blogging and I came upon the blog Leaves of Grass
Besides 4 good blog jokes you will find a site full of amazing photographs of the writers surrounds in Brazil. There are wonderful photos of trees and water and art galleries and works of art.
Another good place to stop and ponder.

4 different kitchen garden blog writers are in this photo, as well as other like myself who write occasionally.
So many people, so many gardens, so many stories and so many lives.
So thank you one and all for sharing your lives and telling your tales.

I hope I got all the names of your blogs correct.
Keep writing.


Maggie said...

Why would I spend so much time doing this when I can hardly use the computer at all? I had a cold but I am feeling better now, fit enough to leave the computer.
Hey! now some of my favorite links and all your readers are all set up for hours of reading on a cold winter's day.

Chile said...

Hey, thanks for the mention, Kate. I could fix up my soil really quickly if someone would loan me a flock of sheep and some chickens for a month. I think that would provide enough manure... ;-)

Theresa said...

Well, hello, and thanks for linking to my blog! And thanks for all those other links as well - there's nothing I like better than finding a new blog to delve into, including this one :)

Pattie Baker said...

Maggie; Thanks for the mention (and I am making another One Local Pizza tonight for dinner, so I hope to have a photo of it on my blog tomorrow!) And THANK YOU for all these blog links! I don't know most of them! Wow--what a small world we are becoming, aren't we?

Kate said...

I am constantly amazed at all these little connections we are making and webs we are weaving! Thanks Maggie.

Veggie Gnome said...

Wonderful post, Maggie. Thanks. Some of the links are new to me, will visit them later.

Kate said...

Maggie, I have now put some of these on the 'round the world in 80 blogs' list on this blog so we can all get to them again.

Christa said...

Wonderful post. There are some new blogs here I'll have to check out.

I love the collage of calendula flowers, by the way. :-)

Maggie said...

Thanks everyone.
Veggie gnome, you must check out Nami Nami first, she is cooking with rhubarb and I know you have some.
If anyone wants rhubarb heads I saw a whole box full at Mitre 10 Unley Road. Cost? I didn't look but they looked really good, all covered in soil, not in plastic bags.
Love your pizza's Pattie!
How far can Chicken's fly Chile?
Theresa is delving the same as gobbling? Just kidding!

Veggie Gnome said...

Maggie, that's a link that I had already discovered, but not bookmarked yet. So thanks for the reminder. I have printed out the rhubarb sponge cake, but not made it yet.

BTW, there are still plenty of rhubarb crowns here. If anyone wants some, please let me know. Same with the globe artichokes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie, thanks for writing about us! I love all you guys are up to at Hills and Plains! Some of the bloggers here are new to me, and I'm looking forward to reading about them...