Sunday, 22 June 2008


For many reasons some of the peoples of the world have lost the art of growing their own food. Their land has been in a war zone and decimated, their land has been taken over by multi-national agri-business, their land has been subject to flood, drought or other natural disasters or they have lost knowledgeable family members to AIDS or other diseases. These people want to help themselves and not rely on food aid from afar but they don't have the means to get started.

So Kitchen Gardeners International have identified such a group of villagers in Kenya and want to raise a small amount of funds to give these people a new chance to feed themselves and their families. Feeding themselves is like feeding ourselves - there are so many benefits to individuals, family groups and whole communities. I have written about that once or twice before.

So, please go to this link and read for yourself what your small donation can do for these people who need a tiny bit of help from us to get started growing their own food. KGI wants to increase the power of the "I" in KGI so that all kitchen gardeners on our planet can help each other re-learn the lost arts of survival, starting today and leading into the future.

Life is good. Let's share it.



Maggie said...

KGI is a great base to help people everywhere to learn to grow their own food or be given goods or seeds to get started.
If you haven't yet joined please do.
It is a great place to share what you have learnt as well as ask questions of others.

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Excellent Kenya project! And I puffy heart KGI!! ;-)