Sunday, 15 June 2008


image The broad beans I sowed are all up now. You can see there are still a few stones about but broad beans are like most broads - pretty resilient!
image When I dug a hole in the next bay - the one the chooks have now half cleared - I found that the soil is still powder dry only 6" down, although the surface looks damp (and now I can say this in French! Thanks Ian.)
After watering it a bit, I planted Veggie Gnome's artichokes and Bob's horse-radish plants here.
image The double white tree dahlias are looking beautiful and at least 3m high, maybe even 4m. I also have the single pinkish-purplish ones but the whites are my favourites. Amazing how they grow this high and flower and then die back every year. If I were a tree dahlia I think I would not bother growing so tall, just rest at about half way and save my energy for the flowers!
image This humongous (?) mandarin is an only child and no wonder! What on earth was this plant thinking ??
image Veggie Gnome's rhubarb crowns have displaced an attractive arthropodium that needed to be moved into a shadier position - or that was the excuse I told it when I moved it to make way for more food plants! I am hoping these rhubarb plants will flourish here because the soil is lighter than all the other places I have tried to grow rhubarb and failed!
image If I had to be a native plant I would be this pretty little native clover because it loves the cold of winter when it magically appears and flowers and then it rests all summer.

Who could ask for more?


Anonymous said...

I love big mandarins but this one is... really big, like orange

Veggie Gnome said...

Hey, that mandarin peel would be great in your next batch of limoncello!