Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Well, I was going to put various things in the heading, after "in my.." but they amounted to stuff in my life, so there you go, that's that explained. Useful!

It is funny how the amount of enthusiasm you (or maybe its just me) have at the end of a day is quite substantially influenced by how your day has been. Mine has been a very skippity-doo kind of day and so I feel deliriously "pumped", as son Hugh would say. I am pretty sure it is not because I slept well or ate well or any other of a million scientific explanations but the fact of the whole matter is that good day = good feeling = lots of energy. I wish it was the beginning of the day, because there is not much left of it to put my energy into, at least not outside where I love to be, as it is dark already.

At last I finished the repiquage (pricking out, thanks Ian!) of my second sowing of Bill's baclueie lettuce and now they rest happily in the garden between some fennel and some beetroot, all nicely watered in with worm juice. Good night sweet lettuce....This week I have been madly pricking out, potting up and sometimes planting out all sorts of seedlings that seem to be ready to burst out of the foam boxes.See the side bar for details. Of course, before I could plant them out, I had to remove any left-over bits and pieces from the space, like spinach and fennel from last year that was just there doing nothing but forming part of my theory of naturalisation of this ecosystem called the vegetable garden. I don't take things out until they have completed their life-cycle and only then if I have something else to put in - except of course if I eat it; but I mean things like fennel and spinach that have gone to seed and then even died off. It is habitat for something so why remove it? My garden is messy.
As yet not planted out are about a thousand cavolo nero (kale) seedlings that I have kept in foam boxes, away from the vegetable garden so they didn't get attacked by aphids and white fly. This proved to be a wise move as they look so much better than those raised in the garden. Now it is nice and cold overnight, the aphids and white fly have gone so I think it will be safe to plant them out, if only I can find somewhere to put them. Still in foam boxes and not quite ready to plant out are some leeks, some small cabbages from Ken in NSW who I sent some other seeds to as a swap, and some White Gwenda lettuce from Diana via Cath's garden. Evidently this is Cath's favourite so I will see how it goes for me. Mostly I grow Joy's cos and oakleaf.

3 or so paragraphs about the 1 hour in the garden and you are no doubt wondering what are the other things that have made me feel so totally, fabulously and surprisingly skippity doo today - really for the first time this year! Well, I spent a few hours this morning with a friend and we had a great time together; laughing and carrying on like school girls! It has stayed with me all day and added something to all the other good bits. Next, I finally got some horrible administration out of the way that I have been meaning to do for ages and in the end took less than 2 hours. Why I didn't do it ages ago I have no idea. Lazy, I guess. Then I went to Italian...and did more about food and liking it and wanting to do all sorts of verbs, like travel and cook and ride a bike and do gardening. I had to concentrate pretty hard and didn't have time to make the lady laugh, who sits next to me!

I am heating something up for dinner so consequently that means I can spend more time here, writing this. Again I wish I had done this in Live Writer but at first I didn't intend to put in any photos. The Cootamundrra wattle is just beginning to flower - and looks all lacy and soft, weighed almost down to the ground with yellow flowers. I know it is actually a weed here in SA and we have removed all the others, but this one stays for the moment as it separates the garden from the road. Then there is a leukodendron - I love those red ones called 'Safari Sunset', and some ordinary yet lovely pansies I bought in a fanciful moment recently. There is a zucchini plant that has come up, rebelliously, and is producing lots of lovely, cruchy little zucchinis that I have been eating raw like apples, when I am in the garden.I love a good rebellion; there should be more of them but people have got so accepting of things and so ordinary...shut-up Kate. OK, sorry... The red flowering shrub is....a suckering pest of a thing that I can't seem to be able to kill, despite lots of attempts, but still beautiful and called....my mind has gone blank...now on Wednesday morning I remember it is Tecoma capensis (I think)!
Sometimes my life is skippity-doo.... let your imagination take you there too.

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