Tuesday, 3 June 2008


image If I died now, at least I would have had wattleseed icecream!

I am not that keen on icecream - or at least I wasn't. Even good icecream leaves me cold (ha, ha). But when we tried that half a teaspoonful at Tumbeela on Sunday, I thought I would make some for dear Roger, who lives mainly to eat icecream! So today I semi melted 1 litre of vanilla icecream (Well, actually I forgot about it and it melted a bit more!). While this was happening, I mixed together a couple of tablespoons of roasted wattleseeds and a roughly equivalent amount of hot water, just as they told us to at Tumbeela.image

Already it is looking pretty good. I poured it back into the icecream container and put it in the freezer. Well, there was a bit left in the bowl so I had a bit. Zut alors! Magnifique! Bonissimo!(Do you also want the Japanese? Oishii)

It is not good to like icecream and it has never been a temptation before but this is like a coffee/ hazelnut flavour with the aroma of chocolate. Mmmmm. Pattie, if you still haven't used all I sent you, please try this.


Veggie Gnome said...

Oooohhh... I was thinking of that icecream today when I looked at the packet of wattle seed on our kitchen bench.

I am not really that mad about icecream either but that tasting portion at Tumbeela bowled me over. I actually went back for another little helping of wattle seed icecream. *blush*

Thanks for reminding me. I shall make some shortly. Thanks also for mentioning the quantities.

Ps.: I am at the second phase of my limoncello. Adding the sugar syrup to the vodka. :)

han_ysic said...

That sounds great. i think I'll have to try it.

Pattie Baker said...

Oh, Kate, what a perfect idea for these hot June days here! I will do this this week!