Monday, 2 June 2008


We, in the Hills and Plains Seedsavers, have some wonderful members. So many different stories have brought these folks to the group and each deserves to be told, but I had better ask them first! I am lucky to be the contact person because that means I get to be first in line to get an email or a phone call or a tap on the shoulder at other things I go to like the Rare Fruit meetings etc, when someone wants to join up. This gives me a chance to have a chat with them and remember their names. Normally I am hopeless with names but I don't think I have ever forgotten the names of any of our members because they are such interesting people.One person I know I can mention though, is Deb, from Nirvana Farm. Deb and Quentin live the whole self-sufficient life thing that most people, including me, only dream of and play around the edges. But you can read about that on Deb's blog. What I want to say is that Deb is one of those people who honestly enjoy giving and sharing - and so do I - but more than that, she has so many abilities and is so content and so generous of her time and efforts. As I walked around my garden the other day I realised how many of my vegetables I have grown from Deb's seeds and how many of my projects have joined up with ideas from Deb and even my fridge has Deb's sourdough starter in it and the first home-made limoncello I had was a bottle Deb gave me and those turnips I wrote about the other day were from Deb!!! Wow, that's even more than I realised! On my table are mandarins she brought to our lunch last weekend and her bread is still in the goes on and on! In fact it brings a tear to my eyes to now actually see all this for the first time. Where would I be now if not for Deb?? So, here's to you Deb and to many more years of fun and friendship. Three cheers for Deb....

Read Deb's latest installment on her blog - so lovely and so....Deb. Cosy Country Kitchen.

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Maggie said...

I love going to Nirvana, it's like being at home somewhere. Nature, kind folks, lovely geese and chickens, abundance of edibles, lots to learn and lets not forget Frank and Hebe.
Thank you Deb and Quentin for sharing your life with us.
Ps I have wine maturing, Deb makes the best chutney and elderberry champagne, walnuts we bought there and a couple of roasted chestnuts, next Sunday is the chestnut roasters last day at Stirling I think.