Thursday, 3 July 2008


Wednesday is always gardening day but today the enjoyment just went on and on, like an all-day sucker lollipop. In the morning we dug up all the Chinese seashells (funny, isn't it, to be able to grow shells!) and my rogue potatoes and the rest of the strawberry plants that are just too hard to grow here as well as transplanting some self-sown fennel and a big chicory root that just seems to live on and regrow year after year . imageThe weeds and the remains of the warrigal greens went to the chooks, the watering system lines were all neatened up and pinned into place, ready for a (maybe) dry spring. Into the area we planted masses of my cavolo nero kale and a box of leek seedlings. Then morning tea and here are my 4 great garden group friends having devoured more than half of the Date and Orange cake that I of our favourites...




Maggie and Bob and I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon doing some things for Deb while her hand recovers from a recent operation. imageFirst, though, a little peek in the tunnel house....miners' lettuce with such big leaves and  mountain spinach which tastes nicely salty and sort of like very mild warrigal spinach. On the verandah is the pumpkin and squash harvest.












One of the things we did for Deb was to deal with a couple of piles of apple tree prunings and I think, by the end, Bob had turned into a madman with the saw! Quentin was inside all the while, making us pumpkin scones which we devoured hungrily..thanks Quentin, they were great. When you leave Deb's you never go is citrus time ... and here are some of the mandarins, limes and tangelos I brought home.

While we were working away and laughing a lot, I said I would much rather spend an afternoon doing this than going shopping - which seems to be a popular thing for most women to do these days... This was such a good day spent having a lot of fun with 2 groups of great people, getting on with growing our food and living the good life, what more could anyone want?


Jumbleberry Jam said...

So fun to see the citrus, squash and pumpkin harvest as I watch the first blooms open on my cucurbits and monitor the 7 green lemons growing on my indoor tree. Sounds like an excellent day (especially the cake and scones!!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like such fun.
A great feel good read.
If only it was as infectious as a common cold... imagine. Good reason to go shopping then... to spread the nature.

Pattie Baker said...

Kate; So nice to see all the pictures, and to see Maggie's arm back in action, and ot know that Wednesdays around the world are a special local food day!