Thursday, 10 July 2008


Blogs have a way of linking people in various ways and on Wednesday I saw this for myself again. Glenys and I were getting together to visit the Cleveland Garden Centre, at Stirling, but, as usual I was hungry when Glenys rang me and so it was arranged that we would meet at the Stirling Organic Market Cafe beforehand. If you have never been there, it is worth a trip and as it is always busy, go at a slightly irregular time to get a table.

We were sitting there, tucking into some delicious ratatouille soup when a face appeared at the window outside...and there were Christie and baby Peter. They joined us at the table and I was lucky enough to sit next to Peter who must be the most gorgeous nearly 1 year old ever! I was just about to check if Glenys and Christie knew each other, when Christie looked at Glenys carefully and said "I know you from the blog photos, you must be Glenys!" to which Glenys replied "What is your blog name?" When she replied 'Chook' , Glenys laughed and said "Oh yes...I know your garden from the blog too!" Shame I didn't take the camera.

Now, to me that is a lovely thing...this blog and all its readers are becoming linked together, as well as all the other blogs and their readers and writers linking together. Maybe we should all become a separate, virtual country with our own common sense laws which encourage the growing and cooking of food and the sharing of everything in the spirit of that beautiful song 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Maybe in this way we could instigate some overdue changes to show how a civilisation could be a place of collaboration and harmony, caring and sharing, all with an overarching theme of making the earth and the world a natural and life-enriching place to just be.....wouldn't that be wonderful!

Pattie, from Foodshed Planet, has written on a similar theme today, coincidentally and if you want to feel really, really good about something all day, then watch the little Youtube clip she has included in her brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye; see what it does for you.



Pattie Baker said...

Kate: If we all start our own little country, can we please choose a place that has water?!

Kate said...

LOL !! I am all for that, Pattie!

Rachel said...

I love the connectivity that blogging has brought me, too, Kate. I have made three very good friends as a result of a blog; when we have met face to face for the first time, it's as if one is just continuing a conversation with a friend rather than meeting a stranger. Isn't it wonderful?

Unknown said...

Blogs are a great way to bring people together!

Maggie said...

Last time we popped in to Stirling Market we saw Jill!
They sell great veggie pasties!
Blog buddies, well what can I say I love chatting away to veggie gardeners from all around the planet.
My parents and my elderly neighbors love me telling them stories of what you are harvesting or growing in your front yards (KGI members) or matrons veggie baskets or Patties puzzle over persimmons or Deb's geese and chestnuts.
And then they tell me stories of what they grew and what veggies they swapped with neighbors and how they all made tomato sauce together and they smile.

Ian said...

What a great idea Kate. Every single day fellow bloggers make me smile, make me laugh and even make me giggle as they discuss such diverse things as comfrey, cabbages or even kudly kale. I'm applying for blogland residency right now.