Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Happy Birthday Kate.

About this time last year Kate was adding a counter to this blog , so she started with 1.
Today as I glance at the bottom of the page there have been 23, 721 hits.
I was going to do a summary of the year past but with 337 posts it would take me far to long.
Now we have many blog friends in many countries, we share stories and gardening tales and Kate is going to travel and meet some of you and garden with you.
You do a great job keeping the blog alive.
And if you as a reader have time slip back and have a look at some July, August last year and see what we were all up to.
Enjoy last years Willow pruning day at Deb's then our KGI day at Deb's as well as her Fairy mulch of camellias and her most popular post about the value of wood ash.
Andrew was talking about the Murray River.
Chook was waiting for Peter's arrival and posted an article about how gardening relieves depression.
Kate was talking about everything and I had discovered silvanberries.
Keep warm or cool depending where you are.


Chook said...

Happy birthday Kate! I hope you're outside in a garden somewhere having a wonderful day and that the next 50 years are at least as good as the first lot have been!

Ting said...

Happy Birthday Kate!

Thank you for your posts and many links that help me rediscover Adelaide and the world.

Now I shop in Wilson Organic, I join rare fruit society and H&P Seedsavers. That's great!

Ian said...

Have a very happy birthday, Kate.

I hope you're enjoying your day doing exactly what you want to... which will no doubt include talking to friends, a bit of gardening and fetching the firewood...

Veggie Gnome said...

~~~~~~ Happy birthday to youuuuu...happy birthday to youuuu.....happy birthday dear Kaaaaate..... ~~~~~~

Have a fantastic day! All the best from The Gnomes! :)

chaiselongue said...

Bon anniversaire! Sounds as if it's a birthday for the blog as well - 23,721 visits!!!!

Unknown said...

Best wishes and many happy returns on this wonderous day. Your posts make me smile every single time.

Well done to maggie for bringing it to our attention!

Cecilia Macaulay (Tess) said...

Happy birthday kate.
I loved your cubbyhouse willow tree, and how you are enjoying your life.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Kate!
It was great fun to celebrate your 50th on our Wednesday gardening day!
As I already commented to you, how clever your mum was to give birth to you 50 years ago, so that your milestone fell on a Wednesday!
I had hoped that we might all bypass the weeding and go straight to lunch and Champagne (or in your case limoncello), but that would not be in your nature. It is rare in life to find people as passionate about gardening and life in general as yourself Kate,
best wishes for a life well lived,
your friend(as in much younger) Glenys!

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Happiest of days to you, Kate! I'll enjoy a glass of d'Arenberg Footbolt Shiraz in your honor today. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kate, what a great day the weather turned on for you. I hope it was a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Wishing you all the very best on your big 50th birthday and for the coming year.
Happy reaping & sowing.
You are an inspiration and I look forward the future, to learning more from you and all the bloggers and to sharing some of it together.