Thursday, 24 July 2008

Peter Cundall's last Gardening Australia


A special Gardening Australia program celebrating the glorious career of Peter Cundall as he presents his last ever episode of this enduring program.

Pete’s Patch Principles
In his final Pete’s Patch, Peter explains the principles behind his organic gardening philosophy and talks about how his crop rotation system works.

National Memorial Walk
Pete returns to visit his old regiment at the Ennogarrah Army base in Brisbane which has been planted with 1000 native trees as a memorial to the soldiers of the Royal Australian Regiment who died in combat overseas. Pete meets the group of volunteers from the regiment’s Queensland branch calling themselves Dad’s Army who are dedicated to maintaining this memorial park. He meets some new friends and visits the ghosts of some old ones.

Tributes to Pete
The Gardening Australia presenters pay tribute to Pete.

Ask It Solve It
Pete solves viewers’ gardening problems.

ABC1 Sat 6:30pm, Sun 1:00pm ABC2 Mon 4:00pm


Anonymous said...

What a Gardening Legend!
He is undoubtedly THE MAN.
Love how passionate and inspiring he is.
I for one am going to miss him.

Unknown said...

I was just saying to my wife today that if I live to grow as old and as energetic as Pete has by following his example in my organic vegetable garden, I will be a very happy man indeed. There will be a tear in my eye as I watch your last show.

Pete, you are a legend!

Maggie said...

When I think of the many states and houses I have lived in, there has always been a garden.
For as long as I can remember there has always been the really, bloomin good bloke Peter Cundall telling seed, plant, soil, compost and garden tales.
I am sorry to say that it will be our lot for all the weeks to come.
This veggie gardening icon will not be seen on the tele anymore.