Friday, 15 August 2008


Those of you who came to my 50th birthday party will no doubt have eaten some of the food and had one of the pedal-powered cocktails. It was pure chance that I happened to come across James who did the drinks and Jarrod who did the food, via Wilson's Organics. Each of these blokes did such a great job on the night that I thought I would give them a bit of free advertising here, in the hope that others may decide to employ them in the future.


James can be seen at markets, schools and outdoor events all over Adelaide, making fruit smoothies with the best-tasting local, organic fruits,and  Paris Creek milk and yoghurt. He has a pedal-powered blender on an exercise bike that makes the whole thing such fun and very green. He also now does cocktails at corporate   and private functions, like at my party.

First James arrives early to set up the bike, begins juicing the fruits and unpacking the alcohol.....Next either he or party-goers pedal the bike to blend the fruits and juices.....lastly James uses his wonderful recipes to add the alcohols to ensure that every cocktail is perfect . He uses organic and local fruits wherever possible and, at my party, worked tirelessly the whole night, concocting delicious drinks for everyone, including plenty of non-alcoholic ones too.



Jarrod Beare
Vegetarian Catering &
Product Supply

PHONE 0411 694 955


imageJarrod's selection of finger food was  fantastic and he is a great bloke to work with, making lots of helpful  suggestions and providing everything  freshly made by himself. I highly recommend him for any catering job. This photo of the mushrooms stuffed with pesto was the only one that was taken of the food, unfortunately.

All of our products are made from organic ingredients where ever possible. Some are 100% organic. All ingredients are sourced from local growers where ever possible.
All ingredients used are vegetarian, mostly vegan. Some of the foods available on platters use dairy ingredients. This is clearly stated where this is the case.

Here is just a part of the product list....

 rice balls
 falafel balls
 spicy lentil balls
 date balls
 shasliks (tofu/ veg.)
 curry puffs
 cold rolls
 spring rolls
 hors d'oevres (on bagel crisps)
 spelt pizzas (gourmet)
 spinach and fetta pie (DAIRY)(home made pastry)
 quiche (vegan)
 fresh vegetable (carrot, cucumber, olives etc…)
 fresh fruit (seasonal)
 vege burgers
 tofu burgers
 wraps (large gourmet variety)
 antipasto
 bruschetta (tomato or mushroom)
 marinated tofu

 curry (per litre)
 dahl
 mousaka
 lasagne (per tray)
 stuffed capsicum
 hummus
 eggplant
 pesto
 soy mayonnaise
 white bean and sundried tomato pate
 roasted vegetable pate
 roasted capsicum and tomato salsa
 spicy fruit chutney
 skordalia (potato and garlic)
 tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic) (DAIRY)
 pumpkin and peanut

 mousse
 date balls
 rice pudding
 sticky date pudding
 semolina syrup cake (DAIRY)
 muffins (apple/ custard, chocolate, date/ walnut, ginger and MORE)
 rich chocolate cake
 apple date and coconut cake
 custard tarts
 chocolate tarts (yes!! vegan)
 cheese cake
 honey walnut biscuits
 choc chip cookies
 cashews cookies
 choc walnut cookies


Chook said...

I'll second that - The food was fantastic! Thanks Kate for organising such a good spread for us.

Ian said...

Kate, the more I rea about your party, the more I wish I could have been there. Sadly, being on the other side of the world did prove a slight imconvenience!!!
All this food looks and sounds wonderful.

Maggie said...

Peddle powered smoothie maker, we should all have one.
What a wonderful catering list, so good to see a vegetarian menu, there are not enough veggo cafes in Adelaide. In fact I can only think of 2. Remember when clearlight was down stairs in Rundle Street, it was so quiet, like entering another world. Oh, Bliss off Gouger Street is good, lovely soups.
And Doof Doof has some good veggie dishes and wood fired pizza now.
I think I had best go have breakfast, this typing is making me hungry!

Kate said...

Maggie, a few months ago I was walking along Rundle Street and was, as always, hungry. I saw a new 'Clearlight' sign and down the steps I went. At that time they only had take away things like spinach pies and soup but the bloke told me they were setting it all up as a cafe by now it could be going. Someone needs to go and have a look and report back!

Maggie said...

Okay I volunteer, we often go to Rundle Street for a big night out, park the car at the end of Hutt Street, after 5 its free parking, pizza at Amalfi's or Scuzzi, check out Mary Martin's book shop, you can be home by 7:00pm