Thursday, 28 August 2008


Take a close look at this photo....a bank of very low cloud crept across Adelaide from the sea, while we stayed in full sunshine on the hill. It is about 2/3 the way across, here.
The ultimate feel....a new yacon leaf. There is nothing like it.
Left: a succulent border under the wide eaves.
Right: wattles....breathtaking.

A 'tree' of silver beet ....why did it grow like this?
It has a trunk which is tied to the stake, but the leaves are not big and the stems are very thick.

Me, enjoying blogging, in a rare moment of sun a few weeks ago. The moment I went inside it rained....all day.

The plums are flowering.
My seed frame ready for spring. image
Just when I had decided to remove these scrappy hebes they burst into flower. What shall I do???
Bok Choy in flower is beautiful.....
imageSome of the wattles that are flowering in my street are huge.

At right, is a busy bee on some daikon flowers.
I watched it while I sat in the vegetable garden and had a cup of tea.... sometimes looking away out to sea , to some of you I will soon be meeting.
These tiny green things are the beginnings of carob pods. Interesting, don't you think?
This sub-tropical white sapote has thrived in the intense heat of summer and right through the cold of winter....quite outstanding and unexpected.


chaiselongue said...

Beautiful pictures, Kate. I think the wattle is what we call mimosa here - such a lovely delicate flower. I remember eating carob pods off the tree when I was a child in North Africa, but I haven't seen them here yet. I'm also looking with interest and envy at your smart looking seed frame - perhaps you can advise us when you're here as we need one for next spring.

Pattie Baker said...

Ah, the seasons are changing, the earth is tilting and once again, you and I will share a mild, beautiful time of year as we welcome fall and you welcome spring.