Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Growing peas

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring like me! Sorry I haven't written much - although I am "Gen Y" I can't seem to get into electronic communication very well! I had a question about growing peas - I have tried two attempts during winter to grow them - the first I sowed directly into the ground, and the next I grew in peat pots until they were about 10 cm tall, but as soon as I planted them out, or as soon as they germinated in the ground, they seemed to be eaten by something! Both times I tried to guard them with chicken wire to stop birds pulling them out (I read this advice in one of my gardening books), but both time it looks like they were either cut at ground level or pulled out of the ground. I know we have some rats that pop in from time to time - could it be them? How do I fix this problem for next winter? Hopefully I will meet some of you on Sunday at Deb's to celebrate Kitchen Garden day.

from Nat


Maggie said...

Sounds like rats, as I think slugs and snails would not usually eat the whole plant. What do others think?

Kate said...

Hi Nat, great to have you on the blog. let's talk about your peas on Sunday - see you there!