Saturday, 27 September 2008


The new search engine is really great it allows me to go back and find things so easily.

Someone said why are you going back reminiscing, well I am but I am also remembering the past and celebrating how it has lead us to where and who we are today.

The healthiest choice we can make in life is to learn to live in the moment.
Being aware of what is happening in our minds and choosing to be present to ourselves and others is a great way to live.
Contemplating our past experiences helps us move forward, maybe making different choices, trying new things and making decisions to maybe not repeat old harmful thoughts and patterns.

We do this in the garden, we think about last season, what worked, what didn't.
Then we make choices decide what new things to grow, how to care for certain plants and how we shall use them.
The garden is a great teacher, it connects us to the real world.
How great it would be if everyone on this planet was able to have a garden and grow there own food.
The garden provides so much for us.
Not only do we get good exercise, we get the best fresh food ever, we get to experience the wonders of nature, to see little miracles appear daily, we watch the seasons change before our eyes, we experience birth, life and death in the garden, we can meditate while weeding or digging, we can share our produce with others and we can just BE in the garden and enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely said Maggie. When Kate gets back I really must continue to make the effort to find time to spend in the garden.

Maggie said...
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