Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Singapore day 2

image Teresa took me out for a vegetarian  Indian breakfast which was something very delicious and very decorative! This thin, crisp 'pastry' was torn off and dipped into 3 different sauces. The triangle was filled with spiced vegetables and also had dipping sauces. With it, I had a mango lassi and Teresa had tea with ginger.
Cheow Kheng, from the National Parks took us around all day and I am totally indebted to him for his time and energy and sense of humour!
First we visited the Ivory Heights Community Garden where a wonderful, inspiring man called Richard showed us over the garden he has called 'Our Garden' and helped develop with some of the 2000 residents of this private apartment block. That man's soul should be preserved for all time. He has such a creative and artistic spirit and an ability to draw people together and help them to discover the joys of gardening. I want to write a whole post about this place.... Below, left, is a bed of dragon fruit plants!
image image
image After a fabulous seafood  lunch at the Mt. Faber marine Deck Restaurant by courtesy of Cheow Kheng, we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.... and the ginger collection.....

Beauty beyond comparison and being there with Wilson was wonderful because ginger plants are his passion and he knows every one by name!

.....The jungle walk was a wonderful way to escape some of the fierce afternoon heat of the pre-monsoon weather......

And then.....
Wilson's garden! Single handedly Wilson has instigated setting up this masterpiece in the land around the apartments where he lives. It is awe-inspiring and deserves a post of its own. Here, though, is a taste of the things he grows - edible and ornamental....papaws (right), peanuts (below right) and the view in through  the entrance......

I had a fabulous day and to think it is all because of the blogs....I am speechless....see you again Wilson and Teresa and thanks so much.
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chaiselongue said...

It looks as though you've had an amazing day, Kate. What a range of climates, plants, gardens and food you'll be seeing on this trip! Everything looks so lush and green in the Singapore gardens. By the time you read this, I expect I can say welcome to Europe! See you soon.

Maggie said...

Looks like you had an amazing time in Singapore Kate. You are having dosa for breaky! my absolute favourite food.
The gardens of Singapore look great.
How kind and generous gardening folk are.
Wilson's garden looks great!
Happy flying!

Anonymous said...

Wednesday gardening group had a glorious day weeding at Lou's. No not under the orange tree!!!!
Sally's hockey team won the grand final but she got a yellow card.
Glenis is at the doctors having a scan.
Lou's house is half painted. Kathy got aa beautiful bright purple dress to wear to her daughters wedding which has led to the plan to have a new hairstyle.
Singapore sounds and looks like an amazing place.
As always you are making the most of your time.
Wednesday Gardening Girls

Anonymous said...

Wow Kate the gardens you are stunning so lush - and dosa or ravi dosa for breakfast!!!! - you lucky dog.