Tuesday, 16 September 2008


image I had only just arrived at the hotel when there was a phone call from Wilson (Gardening with Wilson) and shortly afterwards he arrived with bags and bags of amazing seeds and other lovely things for me! Then we met up with Teresa from Balcony Greens and off we went to eat...of course!  Here is a photo of the local specialties they bought for dinner... all so delicious. image

Tomorrow is going to be busy out and about in the surprisingly green Singapore and here I am now, at 4am, posting this so you can all know I really am imagetaking the blogging part seriously!


The decorative  lights in Singapore are all these beautiful 3D images of flowers....up and down the streets......in preparation for a festival next week. I had better get back to sleep or I won't make it through tomorrow!


Maggie said...

A big Hi to you, Wilson and Teresa. Yum the food looks good!
Have a great day. I love Teresa's post of the balcony gardens in Italy.

Anonymous said...

You are getting right on with it! Have a great day in Singapore today.

Unknown said...

Glad you arrived safely Kate. Well done to Wilson and Teresa for showing you around the city. It is the most beautiful city in South East Asia. I have always loved visiting when I was in the Navy.

Looking forward to your next post.


Pattie Baker said...

I LOVE traveling with you this way! Keep the posts coming!