Friday, 26 September 2008

Spring, Fun and Flat Stanley in Adelaide

What is it about spring that makes you want to get out side and have fun in the garden.
We are pulling out older plants, mulching with our compost, and planning where the tomatoes, basil and spring onions will go.

I have planted shiso seeds but find this wonderful versatile Asian herb is shooting up in the garden, where it had been planted last year. Last year I only used it in salads but this year it is going to appear everywhere as I have learnt more about it.
So shiso will appear in Asian soups, in stir frys, sushi and just fresh on a plate, with a bowl of steamed, maybe seasoned rice. The idea is you use the shiso leaf and wrap it around the rice, then eat it.

This year we are hoping to grow okra another versatile vegetable. I like it best slit down the middle, soaked in milk for a couple of minutes, then drained, rolled in flour and fried in a small amount of oil. But I am going to make a gumbo with it and also a south Indian curry.
I must put some coriander seed in a shady pot today and also freeze the coriander which is in the garden before it bolts to seed.

Now what to do with all the other seeds that are germinating nicely in this perfect spring weather.
It is so beautiful here today I must get outside soon.

Today I take my parent's for a drive, last week we went to Henley Beach and watched the wind and the waves but today we shall go to the Adelaide botanic gardens or to the rose garden at Urrbrae House and just sit and watch the flowers bloom and listen to the birds songs.

If you have not been to Adelaide, well let Flat Stanley take you for a guided tour of some parts of our lovely city.
It is 1 year tomorrow since Flat Stanley arrived in Adelaide from Atlanta and Foodshed Planet.

Pattie from Foodshed Planet's fun loving, creative young daughter had asked if her Flat Stanley from her school project could visit Australia. So Stanley arrived and Kate and I were very happy to show Stanley around our lovely city.

Click on to Flat Stanley to see the fun we had.

You will see some of the places we mention as well as our Adelaide Farmers Market, which is just 2 years old next week.
You will see our lovely Fern Avenue Community Garden, Warrawong Santuary and you will see the wattle, and blossoms and what's growing here at the moment when most of you will be enjoying the dappled colours of Autumn.

Wow it is only a year ago since he arrived and since new friendships were formed.

Now I am a Granny with a real life little boy to play and have fun with.
Pattie and her daughters have been riding their bikes everywhere and having all sorts of fun designing t shirts, having open gardening days with friends and painting wonderful bubble rooms.
And Kate well she is gardening her way around the planet and should appear in France soon.

So enjoy your day where ever you are.


Pattie Baker said...

What a nice surprise to see this post after push-reel-mowing the lawn, yet again!! WOW! Gosh, so much HAS happened in this year, hasn't it, Maggie?!

Maggie said...

Wow you must be fit Pattie, all the mowing, bike riding, walking and everything else you do.
The new search engine allows me to go back and find things so easily.
Someone said why are you going back reminiscing, but I am remembering the past and celebrating how it has lead us to where and who we are today. Of course we must live in the moment but contemplating our past experiences helps us move forward, maybe making different choices and certainly not repeating old harmful patterns.
We do this in the garden, we think about last season,what worked, what didn't.Then we make choices decide what new things to grow, how to care for certain plants and how we shall use them. The garden is a great teacher, it connects us to nature, the real world. This is why it is so important for all ages to get back to veggie gardening.