Tuesday, 28 October 2008


First was oven-puffed pancakes with fresh blueberry sauce for breakfast at Jack's followed by some serious gardening in the vegetable garden.

image image image


Jack grows lots of vegetables but the thing about Jack is the number and variety of fruit trees he has planted over the years into a relatively small space.

1 plum, 2 apples, 3 pears, 2 oranges, 2 lemons, 1 feijoa, black mulberry, white sapote, avocados, a natal plum, quince, grapes, guavas, peach, nectarine, apricot, wild cherry.....is that all, Jack? I forgot the tangelo and persimon!

See, I did actually do some work!
image image


Then we headed over to see some old uni days' friends and catch up on renovations and chooks and travel stories, have lunch and go for a walk to a nearby school that is doing great things in their vegie patch.

Kathy's new, recycled kitchen looks great and it was terrific to see Jane from NZ....
Old friends and their families .... nice  but crazy!

Interesting things you can do with electrical wire!



Have you ever seen a street sign like this? 
Kathy's vegetable garden is looking pretty good !
It was raining at Sunshine today!


There are more photos here.


Anonymous said...

Great blog & photos,Kate-but i forgot to tell you about the tangelo and the persimmon....and i can see i'm going to have to elbow some things out of the way to fit in a shahtoot mulberry!(if i can find one here)

Anonymous said...

Kate I'm thinking of planting a shahtoot mulberry just so we can say shahtoot a lot.

I'm pleased to report that we spent melbourne cup day converting a bit more of that side driveway to vege garden. Dan (sledgehammer) and Joey (crowbar) had fun removing some very thick concrete and we replaced it with chook poo, compost, Joey's favourite tomatoes and basil - just in time!

And prepared a spot for the first tree in our avocado "high hedge" along that fence.

thanks again Kate and Roger for visiting. Kathy P