Tuesday, 14 October 2008


imageI spent a lovely afternoon and evening with Maya, from KGI, and her family, who live about 15 minutes from Roger. On the way to their house we visited the Portland Head Lighthouse and did some shopping in the shop Pattie from Foodshed Planet is often writing about, Wholefoods.

On the one hand it is great to have access to lots of organic and some local foods in one gigantic shop but on the other hand it has caused quite a few smaller retailers to go out of business and Wholefoods seems intent on screwing down the prices they will pay farmers for their goods.

Maya's garden is one of those that is so perfect for the adventurous and creative child, with places to hide, to climb and construct. The vegetables meander here and there too and are like an adventure in themselves.

image image image


Then, of course, there was the cooking.... first the cake for the KGI meeting that I hadn't had time to make at Roger's, then some pickings from the garden and from Maya's CSA box.....with a splash of cumin, fennel seed and very local honey.

image image image

There was yet another new drink and several local products....Note the apron...from Eric's home town.

Thanks again to a lovely family and their wonderful hospitality...

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At Wholefoods I bought the ingredients for my new favourite breakfast, common in France. It is plain yoghurt mixed with nuts, chopped dried figs and (curtesy of Teleri and Richard) chunky fig jam. Of course in France there is always also a selection of wonderful cheeses and some freshly baked bread.....but those things are why I have put on weight, so I am just having the first course from now on!

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Pattie Baker said...

It is so weird that you are here in the States, Kate! I see those delicata squashes that I love so much in the photo. Have fun! Hi to Roger. That was a big success for Roger this Sunday with the Michael Pollan article in the NY Times magazine! I read in on the beach in Florida!