Saturday, 4 October 2008


image I am here at Laura and Rachel's 12th century farmhouse way up in the Cevennes mountains, accessible only by a long, rough, switchback 4WD track. The house is the most ancient man-made thing I have ever seen and is breath taking outside and also inside. The 8 hectares of land is steep and terraced and the vegetable gardens lush and productive. Laura and Rachel work very hard to make this house and garden so beautiful... puts me to shame when I often complain about the slope at my place! 


Laura has some very interesting vegetables like ground tomatoes, long beetroot and a tomato plant covered in vicious spines, as well as prickly pear, a yellow fig and so many different capsicums and chillis I lost count.


We picked the beetroot and I cooked Jamie Oliver's recipe for baked beetroot, to go with the roast chicken we had for dinner. We also had Laura's delicious yellow butter beans - so good..... It's a hard life here in France!


Of course there are and will be more



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chaiselongue said...

It looks amazingly beautiful, Kate. And the prickly pear seems to like it too - I've never seen one with so many fruits on it! Have a great time there and say hello to Laura from me.

Maggie said...

Wow, I love the veggies and the view and the stone walls and the door and everything. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,what a stunning place and beautiful photos!
Would'nt it be wonderful if all your new found friends could occasionally post photos of their gardens etc. on this site from time to time.
I think I am going to miss my arm chair tour on your return to Oz. thanks for taking us along for the ride!
A windy day in Adelaide today,the sea is quite wild! Hopefully a little more rain on the way!
Have fun,

Ewa said...

Ok... it looks I missed something...
You are touring in Europe...
Mas du Diable is amazing place - saying it based on pictures. I studied its blog very carefully one day last winter.
I am so happy for you, that you saw it!