Friday, 17 October 2008

SEATTLE one of my favourite BLOG STOPS

I have been visiting Seattle online for a long time.
There are quite a few Seattle blogs I visit. So I just thought I would send greetings to all of you.

Melinda, One Green Generation, and her family and fellow bloggers of course.
Melinda has a list of North West bloggers on her site.

Tea and Cookies shows off Seattle as she spends time walking and writing and dining around Seattle.

Crunchy chicken and her Seattle buddies had a North West Bloggers meet up on September 7th this year. Melinda wrote about it on September the 8th.
It looks like it was a lazy afternoon for them getting together and meeting each other for the first time.

Crunchy has a very popular blog and many of her readers support her "Goods 4 Girls", check out her blog.

So I look forward to seeing some more of Seattle as Kate visits.

Amazingly a lot of bloggers do not show local gardens or local community gardens.
Come on gardening bloggers leave your back yards and show off your local community.

I also have read a lot about the wonderful markets and cafes in Seattle.
Seattle looks a great place to visit. I guess us South Australians just love the look of all that water and snow.

(You had best stay somewhere wet and cool Kate as it's starting to get hot and dry here.)

I wrote this in January when I was wondering what to do with all the chillies in my garden.

Chillies, Spring Onions, Zucchinis and Beans

I have a lot of chillies growing in my garden.This year I decided to grow some milder varieties.
I have ancho, pimento, caysan, anaheim, hot wax, Thai chillies and purple tiger.
I have been thinking of using them in Mexican dishes but I found this image when I was looking for chilli images.
It is a Thai lunch special from Fremont in Seattle. A Pad Thai recipe with things like zucchini, beans and spring onions all of which we have in our gardens at the moment.
I think it looks pretty good so as I can not get to Seattle this week I shall try a vegetarian version with the Thai chillies I have growing.
Click on Brad Hole's Review in the Seattle Weekly.

This recipe looks as good to me today as it did in January. I might make Pad Thai for dinner, we have a great crop of snow peas we have been eating as we garden but some of them be perfect in this recipe. We even have some Seattle dark beer brewing in the kitchen but this wont be ready for awhile.

I reckon if you want to encourage people to grow their own food, eat organic or get children interested in gardening, Snow Peas are the best crop to grow. Imagine a front yard full of sweet snow peas and friends and neighbours wandering around sharing a snow pea feast!
If you think I am exaggerating, garden gnome mentioned they have more snow peas than they can eat!
Well it's our allocated watering day so I had best get back out in the garden.
Happy eating and gardening in Seattle Kate and everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie, enjoying time with your friend here! And psst, just wrote about our local gardens - ha! ; )

I hadn't heard of Tea and Cookies - will check it out.