Tuesday, 18 November 2008


This afternoon I went and visited our newest seedsaver.... baby Rebecca, who was born on October 16th. She is amazingly gorgeous and didn't even cry at all when I kidnapped her from her basinet, while Chook was on the phone....well, I couldn't wait any longer to pick her up....and Peter was busy watching The Wiggles so.....

Anyway, amongst all the thousand other things a young mother has to do, Chook has propogated some seedlings for me and I am looking forward to getting them into the ground and watching them grow.

The other thing she has done is to somehow end up with an extra chook....no, not a clone.... another hen! A new-laying ISAbrown has arrived, uninvited and is causing some chaos in the chook yard which is the last thing this family needs right now. What's more, this one keeps getting out and digging up the vegetables and in all the ruccus Marly, the dog, has started digging into the chook yard and between all of them the commotion is continuous!

So, if anyone wants a chook who is young and just started laying, please ring or email big Chook, or me, ASAP.



Pattie Baker said...

I do! Can you ship it to Atlanta? Oh, and you have to help me change my homeowners association rules first! Thanks!

Chook said...

Thanks Kate for posting this for me. The chook now has a new home.

Thanks also for being understanding as I raced around separating the dog and visiting chook, helping with school homework, answering the phone and juggling babies instead of having a relaxed cup of tea with you while you visited!

Oh and thanks for the lovely lettuce too! (See - I'm always thanking you!!)

Pattie - Next time I get a surprise chook visiting, I'll ask her if she fancies an overseas vacation!