Sunday, 9 November 2008

I Hate This! Blog

Yes there is a blog with this name and you can submit your rants to Kevin [Bla]. He has a great I hate Christmas rant.

Why am I Googling “I hate this”, well yesterday I went to the supermarket and as I stood at the checkout I realized they were playing the song “Santa Claus is coming town”.

I have had a very busy week and just had to buy a few things so I grabbed what I needed and hurried to the checkout , daydreaming about something else.

Then when I heard that song and looked around me to see wrapping paper, bon bons, boxes and baskets of food hampers, Scottish shortbread, puddings in tins and Christmas stockings with chocolates, I stood and for a moment actually thought it was Christmas and that I had lost time somewhere!

I looked at the girl serving me and she exclaimed IT’S RIDICULOUS it’s only November. Ahhhh I had not lost my mind, it is not the night before Christmas. I used to like going to the supermarket but they have made them so large, it is almost impossible to find things.

Thank goodness we have lots of markets around Adelaide and the Hills each weekend so its easy to buy things that we may not have in the garden.

We also have lots of little IGA supermarket shops in the suburbs. There is one at Highgate Village shops. The staff are really friendly, there are no queues, no waiting, plenty of car parks right outside the door and no loud music. There is coffee shop selling organic coffee Kate!

Organic! of course there is DOOF DOOF selling organic meals and veggies. So apart from some things that I buy for the dogs, I reckon I may be able to organize my shopping so I can support these smaller businesses, save time and enjoy shopping again. Maybe we can even meet up, with some other Seedsavers, for coffee or tea one day soon.

But for now I had best go water my local veggie supermarket in the backyard.

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Ewa said...

it is similar here in Poland - I hate this! OK, maybe they don't play 'Santa is coming tonight', but decorations exploded right after All Saints Day (1st of November) :)

Anonymous said...

You're right - there is so much
choice in Adelaide. These days
I really only go to the supermarket
to buy cat food, toilet paper
and that's about it (although if
you have to go to a supermarket,
Foodland at Frewville is better
than most - and you're not
supporting Coles or Woolworths!).