Thursday, 6 November 2008


Barry Beaches Organic Farm is open next Sunday for those of you who missed their last open day. This is part of the Fleurier Cancer Care open Garden Festival.
The other gardens open this Sunday are Seachange Village, indigenous and native plantings And 3 Fidock Road, Goolwa. Inquiries 85529304 or leave a comment.

The Rare Fruit Society will meeting November, check out their link.
Deb wants some banana plants to use the leaves for basket making, I shall look for some at the meeting but if you have some please contact Deb.

We had a busy time last weekend , we took Mum and Dad to see the International Rose Garden at the Botanical Gardens.
Adelaide is a great place to see roses.
They are making a wetland exhibition and are preparing the soil with green crops.
We try to visit the gardens each week as there is always so many changes.

Deb had an exhibit in the lodge as part of the Basket Weavers exhibit.
This is Deb's handiwork.

Deb has a basket weaving day coming up, check out the Nirvana link for more details.

Sunday we went to Herb Day and I found a green shiso, we have grown red shiso and it's planted out. Bob also bought a muscatel grape and some golden zucchini plants.
Sunday I took my Mum to Cummins House for devonshire tea and a walk around the garden. They are open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and have plants for sale.

There are more activities at the Botanic Gardens and The Australian Open Garden Scheme.
Check out the links.

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