Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Early summer garden update

It's nice to see everybody again today. I wish you a merry Christmas!
I have made garden paths and put drippers in early spring.
I made summer garden much smaller and put plants closer to each other.
Everything looks okay (thanks the heat wave hasn't come yet), except tomatoes are dying. The leaves turn yellow and brownish after fruit appear. Delicious seems the worst.

Does anybody feel they have to keep their veggie garden a secret? Sometimes, I tell people I grow vegetables, they'll stare at me, and say growing vegetables uses too much water. Well, maybe some people don't water their garden, but they must eat...Doesn't somebody else water for them?
I think we should learn to use as little water as possible to grow food, (or admit we are not interested in growing food at all), rather than condemn those who grow, and enjoy most of their food from their backyards.

I hope everybody's garden all grows well through summer!

I harvested my small garlic patch last Wendsday. They are such wonderful food and no need to water. I'm going to grow more next year.

Finally, bitter gourds sprout. I hope they'll survive.


Kate said...

Lovely to see you today Ting and thanks for the sweet potato seedling! I am looking forward to visiting your garden soon. I also had a problem with Des' Delicious tomatoes last year. I am sure they brought the disease. I would recommend you pull them out straight away and just buy some good-sized seedlings to plant and hope for the best!

Ting said...

No worry Kate. I'm glad that the seedling find a good home.
We're going to Queensland next Wednsday to visit Olly's dad for 2 weeks. I hope the garden would be okay.

I hope to visit your garden soon too^^

Anonymous said...

Without fail, mentioning my vegetable garden to those who don't know me well, brings water related comments. It sounds defensive rather than disparaging to me. My reply is simple. I haven't used mains water (except grey) on my garden in 10 years.
Your garden looks fantastic, I wish mine was that big.

Maggie said...

Hi Ting your garden looks great we could come and water one day while you are away if you like. Let me know if you need help.