Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I am thinking of all the things that will be happening in the year ahead in Adelaide.

The Botanic Gardens has a great school holiday program, check out their link
The NELUMBO POND home of the SACRED LOTUS should be in bloom. The lawns in front of the pond have to be the best picnic place in Adelaide.

The Rare Fruit Society will have their yearly question time meeting in January. Check out their site.

The Herb Society of South Australia has some really interesting speakers this year. Check out their website.

We shall be having our usual seed and produce swap meetings and I think we should have some on Sunday afternoons as well or instead of our Wednesday afternoon gatherings.

There are lots of interesting Herb Farms we can visit.

The Farmers Markets will continue and all of the markets I go to are getting bigger and bigger with new stall holders appearing all the time.

What would you like our seedsavers group to do in 2009?




Daniel Mount said...

I was just dreaming of a warm beach side Christmas myself. We were snow bound here in the Pacific Northwest. I live on a small farm outside Seattle, where we grow organically and also collect our own open pollenated seed. Is the goal to be self sustaining, I don't think we're ludites, but saving seed is fun. I'm looking forward to following your blog. Happy New Year. I hope it rains for you.

Maggie said...

Thanks for your comment Daniel, you are right seed saving is fun.
I enjoyed looking at your blog, it is hot here today so it is refreshing to see all the ice.
Please check out the NSW Seedsavers home page. They have just made a new seed savers film it is great.