Monday, 29 December 2008


As veggie gardeners it is always good to find new ways to use vegetables, fruits, herbs and sea vegetables. I have just found this great blog written by Heidi and called 101 cookbooks.
You will find a delicious seaweed, wild rice salad recipe here as well as great idea for all sorts of veggies.
The image comes from an article from the Eco Times entitled Superfood News: Sea Vegetables by Seth Braun. It mentions Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, great local food for our KGI Maine friends.
There are lots of great sites talking about organic seaweed.

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Kate said...

I have found wifi in Moonta! Recently I picked some seaweed from the sea and cooked it and it was dreadful....all chewy. But I think if I knew what I was doing I could fine something edible. It would at least make good stock for soup. I will get some more when I go snorkelling maybe tomorrow....but I won't have wifi then...