Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I reckon your ripening tomatoes would enjoy hearing the late John Denver singing his famous song Home Grown Tomatoes. So turn up the volume and sing along, your tomatoes will love it .

One of the best tomatoes we have grown this year is Riesentraube

Huge Clusters of tomatoes!
Riesentraube Grape Tomato
Origin: Germany

Riesentraube is an old fashioned grape tomato from Germany that was known to be offered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the mid 19th century. The name "Riesentraube" literally means "giant grape", but what is meant is actually "Giant Bunch of Grapes" as this wonderful old variety produces huge clusters of scarlet red, one ounce grape tomatoes. The plants are very large and produce huge yields of these richly flavoured tomatoes. The variety is extremely popular among tomato collectors as it possesses the full tomato flavour that is missing in so many modern cherry tomatoes.

More Tomatoes 029

Ours are ripening slowly but the vines are massed with tomatoes.

The other varieties of tomatoes, from Eden Seeds and Select Organic Seeds, Bob grew this year were

Waspipinnicon a peach, fuzzy skin tomato

Purple Russian from the Ukraine

More Tomatoes 011

St Pierre a French heirloom

Black Krim from the Andes

Whippersnapper from the Andes

Red cherry Franchi seeds

But the star tomato this year is definitely RIESENTRAUBE, I hope they all like John Denver!

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Kate said...

Maggie this is a favourite song of mine and one my children are no doubt sick of hearing me sing whenever I come inside with a basket of tomatoes fresh from the garden!
It is fun to see those Riesentraube tomatoes ripening. Can you take a photo of those enormous hands of them that you showed me?