Monday, 9 February 2009


I have been reading about the bushfires in Victoria, Australia and looking at the videos on the ABC NEWS website. Horrendous, shocking and even from here I can feel the pain of those communities. 80 people dead. Roads littered with burnt-out cars with the people, dead, still inside and no-one knows who they are. Towns wiped out. It is a holocaust.

But I came across this little snippet..... enough to make you smile on a sad, sad day....

It's so hot!

Thirsty koala

Friday, 06/02/2009

The soaring heatwave across South Australia has seen koalas come down from the trees and seek water.

I was out riding in the Adelaide Hills and my friend spotted a very dehydrated koala.

It was so thirsty it drank out of two water bottles.

This is quite ironic considering the word ' koala' is erroneously said to mean 'doesn't drink', so this photo should be kept for the history book

By Annabelle Homer from Adelaide , SA


chaiselongue said...

It's terrible news - such a dreadful loss of life. I'm following it too with horror and sympathy for all those involved.

Teena said...

I am so speechless looking at that pic of a Koala drinking from a human water bottle. So very sad!

Theresa said...

All of us in Canada are thinking of everyone in Australia right now - I am so sorry to hear of the terrible loss of life in the wildfires. May all beings be delivered from suffering and the root of suffering.